Harlie’s aortic heart valve was not working the way it should. He needed a new one. But, at 95, he was too old for open heart surgery. Without a new valve, there was a 50% chance he wouldn’t live another year.

Harlie had too much to live for to just give up. He recently received a new valve which was threaded up through his femoral artery to his heart from a small incision in his thigh. Two days later, he left for home to work in his garden and re-start his tennis game.

Witnessing these kinds of transformations, it might be easy to be lulled into thinking that we’ve won the battle against heart disease.

But cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in this country. It kills one in five Oregonians. And heart disease kills ten times as many women as breast cancer.

Tackling this wave of cardiovascular disease requires new ways of thinking, new ways of delivering care and, importantly, a commitment to the long game of prevention.

To that end, Providence Heart is organizing our work into three complementary areas: clinical care, research and innovation, and prevention and wellness. Care. Discover. Inspire.

Providence is making significant investments in the bricks and mortar for these centers. But we need you to bring our vision to life.

Because of you, we attract the best and the brightest caregivers – like the team who gave Harlie a new heart valve and the opportunity to garden and play some tennis.

Today, you can lead in the battle against cardiovascular disease. You can advance care to more people like Harlie.

Join us in this fight. Together, we’re building the future of heart health.

And we love that!

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Dan Oseran, M.D.
Executive Medical Director