Nearly 30 years ago, Dwayne Scales beat cancer. Ten years ago, he discovered that his treatment had damaged his heart. That’s when he began a relationship with Providence Heart Institute.

In 1989, radiation treatment gave Dwayne a new lease on life. Then, in 2007, he found that the treatment had damaged the ventricles of his heart, “I jokingly say that 25 years ago radiation saved my life, and now it’s killing me.”

Providence Heart Institute has cared for Dwayne since the discovery of his heart condition. Recently, after receiving a valve replacement, he started cardiac rehab at the Heart Institute’s Steve and Donna Shepard Heart Fitness Center.

Long committed to fitness, Dwayne found just the support he needed. “They’re always there for you,” he says, “assisting you on things, whether it’s showing you how a machine works, or talking to you about your individual vital signs. The staff make it a great place to be.”

To create more opportunities for people like Dwayne, Providence Heart Institute is creating a new cardiac rehabilitation center at Providence Portland Medical Center and expanding its center at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center.

With support from our donors, the centers will bring life-changing care closer to home for hundreds more people each year.

Participants will receive individualized and monitored work-out plans, supported by group classes, individual counseling, educational materials, inspiring videos, and peer group support.

“Sometimes when you go to certain gyms guys are trying to outdo the guy next to them, and you don’t have that here,” he says. “If someone is struggling a little bit, you only have encouragement and smiles all around.”

To learn more about our plans to expand cardiac rehab, please contact Shawn Fincher at 503.216.6612 or Or join us on October 7 at the 2017 Fire and Ice Gala at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center – click here for information.