Tough News

One of Ben’s coronary arteries was 90% blocked. “It was hard to hear,” he says. “I was shocked. It changed my perspective, made me understand living for others. The idea of being absent in my son's life and my wife's life. My wife and son - I couldn't imagine going through it on my own. They have allowed me to be positive."

Caring beyond care

Ben’s caregivers also made an impact. “Throughout my recovery my doctor constantly came to check on me,” he says. “I had a therapist named Paul. He was outstanding. He shared his story about why he works for Providence. His caring, it just really affected me. I can’t even describe how awesome it was. It was care that went beyond care. They showed that this is what they love to do.”

Helping others on their journey

Today, Ben is leading health and nutrition initiatives in his company to help others on their journey to heart health. “I want to share with others,” says Ben, “to prevent them from going through what I went through – or help them through it.” To give people like Ben a way to share their wisdom and experience, We love that! is supporting PATHFINDERS, a new program of BASECAMP Cardiac Prevention + Wellness that matches heart patients with volunteers who provide reassurance, inspiration, and encouragement.

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