Embracing a Healthy Heart Community

Repairing Charlie’s heart required triple bypass surgery. Then his real work began. “It’s easy to get discouraged after a heart attack,” Charlie says. “But the people at Providence Heart helped me when I wasn’t sure I could help myself. When I get discouraged now I think about them. They invested a part of themselves in me and I don’t want to let them down.”

A community recovers together

Charlie was inspired by the team at Providence Heart. “Everybody was tops in the class,” he says. “I had a nurse named Kira. She was impressive – a straight shooter about what I needed to do to get well.” Charlie was so impressed that he worked to get an AED installed in his church. “After we had it put in, we got about 25 or 30 people who took a CPR course to know how to use it.”


Health is for families, not just patients

To encourage people like Charlie to grow a heart-healthy community, We Love That! is creating “Basecamp | Cardiac Prevention + Wellness,”  where patients, families and community members can meet with caregivers and each other in an inspirational space that is part science museum, part college and part neighborhood cafe.

We Love That.

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