Overcoming Barriers to Better Health

If you’ve had a heart attack or heart surgery, the best way to recover is to improve your fitness and lifestyle through cardiac rehabilitation. Yet many people worry that exercise will hurt their heart. Some will exercise, but neglect to make other changes such as eating a healthy diet. Others begin changes, but stop because expert help is too far away.

Mission accomplished: stronger hearts

Charlotte’s mission is to help people over these obstacles, a job that inspires her. “I love our patients,” she says. “After undergoing a huge upheaval – their willingness to become active, to begin exercising, to change their diets – it’s rewarding and humbling to be a part of that.”

Expanding and empowering patients

Support from We Love That! will help Providence Heart to triple the number of people we serve with cardiac rehabilitation, with an expanded facility at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and brand new facilities at Providence Portland Medical Center and Providence Newberg Medical Center.

We Love That!

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