The Fast Track To A New Treatment

Once Cheryl went to the ER at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, she was on the fast track. “I was there for a little over an hour,” she says, “and they had me admitted.” One of her largest coronary arteries was severely blocked. According to interventional cardiologist Mike Wilson, M.D., “This is a very common problem – and potentially very dangerous.” But, while Carol had a common problem, her treatment was anything but.

Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Since she is relatively young, Dr. Wilson opened Carol’s artery with brand new technology, a dissolving stent for which he helped secure FDA approval. “I was involved in the clinical trial,” he says. “The FDA just released it for use. For younger people, you’re not leaving a piece of metal in the heart. It’s also good for athletes. The vessel functions more naturally when the stent disappears.”

Better - For Every Patient, Every Day

Today, Cheryl is on the fast track to recovery. “Every day I’m exercising more,” she says. “I just feel good. I’ve had stents before and the advancements are just amazing – all due to the clinical trials and medical advancements.” Cheryl’s not alone.  With support from its donors, Providence Heart advances care through 30 to 40 clinical trials each year, a pace that We love that! will accelerate.

We Love That

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