A Man of Many Talents

Dr. Kirker practices both traditional open-heart surgery and rapidly-evolving interventional cardiology, which uses catheters, stents and other less-invasive tools to repair hearts and blood vessels without surgery. With these skills, and his love of a challenge, he’s discovering new ways to tackle complex problems. "I love solving problems that can't normally be solved," he says. "Thinking outside the box is my favorite part of my practice."

On the cutting edge of surgery

Still a coach, Dr. Kirker has cross-trained operating room staff to support both surgery and interventional procedures. “Normally you have one team supporting surgery and another team supporting catheter procedures, but in the future we’ll be combining those techniques much more frequently. We all need to know how to do that.”

Making Room for Innovation

Dr. Kirker has a lot of new moves in his playbook. Support from We Love That! will allow him to develop new ways to replace heart valves using catheters rather than open-heart surgery and new catheter-based treatments of complex and life-threatening aortic aneurysms.

We Love That!

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