Giving People Options

Dr. Abraham cares for people facing the most serious heart issues, including people whose hearts don’t pump enough blood. Until recently, heart transplant was the only option for many of these people and they faced years-long waiting lists for donor hearts. Many did not survive. But today Dr. Abraham prescribes innovations to help these people live, including left ventricular assist devices (VAD), which are implantable pumps to help their hearts circulate blood.

“Grateful to be alive”

Don beat congestive heart failure in 2008, but in December 2014 he collapsed. Referred to Dr. Abraham, Don became the 32nd person in Oregon to receive a ventricular assist device. Today, he counsels others. “I’m living proof that you can do the VAD and get back to normal,” he says. “We go out to dinner, dancing, the theatre, the beach, and travel. Life is good.”

Continuing to Innovate

Dr. Abraham wants to help people like Don stay out of the hospital. With support from We Love That!, he is mining data to predict which patients might need special follow-up care to keep them well. His next step? Determining how we can use mobile phones to identify people with worsening heart failure before they even know it.

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