A Little Different Prescription

Dr. Beckerman dedicated himself to preventing heart disease as a college student, after watching a friend’s father die of a heart attack. While most of us know the basics of a heart-healthy life – no smoking, a good diet, and regular exercise – Dr. Beckerman prescribes a little something else to help us follow those basics – support from other people.

Play Smart and save lives

Get Healthy and Pass it On

One of those people is Andrew Matto. Andrew was stunned when a friend his age died of an undetected heart defect. That’s why, when he turned 12, his mother brought him to a Play Smart™ youth heart screening. Andrew had such a good experience he became a loyal Play Smart volunteer. “It’s important to be checked,” he says, “and it’s easy. If I can get just 20 or 30 more kids my age to go through it, it’s worth the work.”

12,000 free youth screenings and counting

It Adds Up to a Movement

“Andrew’s a rock star,” says Dr. Beckerman. “He and other young volunteers have helped us provide free heart screenings to more than 12,000 young people.” Dr. Beckerman also volunteers his time for the program, which is provided absolutely free of charge thanks to support from people like you. We love that!

We Love That.

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