An Unstoppable Spirit

Born with a heart defect, Jenny had open-heart surgery as a toddler. After her first pregnancy, she received a pacemaker to correct irregular heart rhythms. Then one day in church, seven months pregnant with her second child, Jenny went into cardiac arrest. “I was really blessed,” she recounts. “There was a nurse and doctor there who used a defibrillator and did CPR until medics arrived. Then they took me to St. Vincent’s and I began my relationship with Providence Heart.”


Jenny’s doctors implanted an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) to restart her heart if it stopped again. They also closely monitored her until she delivered a healthy baby boy. But Jenny’s care didn’t stop there. “I wanted another baby,” she says. “They asked me, ‘Are you sure?’ I mean, I’d had a cardiac arrest. But with their support, I forged ahead.”

Jenny’s youngest is now nine. “Everyone at Providence Heart is very attentive,” she says. “They treat me like I’m a person and not just a condition. Having them care for me lets me live my life.”

It's about more than just a treatment

To help people like Jenny, We Love That! is supporting clinical trials testing sensors that transmit information about a patient’s heart directly to their doctor’s smart phone. So their doctor can monitor their condition without requiring them to make frequent trips to a clinic.

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