A Long-Term Relationship for Your Heart

A lot of people who have a major cardiovascular event want to change everything at once. More exercise. Healthier diet. Better stress management. “People want to do it all,” says Lisa, a physician assistant for Providence Heart, “but they have to set reasonable goals.”

As a dedicated athlete and the daughter of a gym teacher, coaching comes naturally to Lisa. “People have to own their goals,” she says, “They're the ones who have to put them into practice.” Lisa provides support and accountability: “I'm going to ask you about your goal. I’ll help you achieve one thing, then we’ll go to the next.”

Setting Goals changes everything

According to Lisa, patients who thrive are natural goal setters. “I started asking my elderly patients how they made it, to live so long,” she says. “Walking four miles a day – that’s a real trend. Keeping a realistic but positive outlook. And then there’s the one who says it’s because he eats sushi four times a week!”

Coaching for success

In addition to Lisa’s coaching, patients in our structural heart program will benefit from new treatments and technologies supported by We Love That! including innovative heart valve repairs and replacements, bio-absorbable stents that open arteries then disappear, and new non-surgical treatments of life-threatening aneurysms.

We Love That!

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