Tackling Women's Health with Passion

Dr. Tam likes to empower all her patients with information. She’s especially passionate about reaching women. "I first got interested in women’s heart health at Brigham & Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical University,” she says. “Heart disease kills more women than men, ten times more women than breast cancer. But most women don’t know this.”

The key to healthy hearts is prevention

According to Dr. Tam, women experience the symptoms of heart disease differently than men do. Two thirds who die from it don’t recognize prior symptoms. And women frequently don’t seek early treatment, so heart disease is diagnosed much later after it has progressed farther. “In many cases, heart disease is preventable,” says Dr. Tam. “Where it’s not preventable, we know that early recognition and timely treatment save lives.”

Empowering women through education

With support from We Love That!, Dr. Tam is creating a women’s heart program to empower women with the knowledge and tools to live heart healthy lives. Partnerships with community health centers will help to serve women of all socioeconomic backgrounds, regardless of their ability to pay.

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