He Listens And Learns

As medical director of Clinical Excellence, Dr. Gluckman promotes care that is effective, efficient, and responsive to each patient's priorities. “The best outcomes and patient experiences come when we listen to patients and empower them to make good decisions about their own treatment,” he says. “People who understand their options are better prepared to get well.”

Learning Leads to Healing

Jan Aden knows exactly how this feels. Diagnosed with coronary artery blockages at Providence Newberg Medical Center, she was quickly transferred to Providence St. Vincent where cardiac surgeon Gary Ott, M.D. performed triple bypass surgery. Dr. Ott and other caregivers kept Jan informed and answered her many questions along the way. She went home in just four days, then completed cardiac rehabilitation and lost more than 25 pounds. “I am so grateful to be here,” she says.

Follow the Numbers

What else does Dr. Gluckman prescribe to create excellent care?   A cold, hard look at the numbers.  “Because we serve thousands of patients and have longstanding experience in research, we’re in a great position to create care that delivers the best possible outcomes,” he says. “The next step is to ramp up our statistical research. We know our data contains hidden treasures. We want to uncover it and put it to use.”  Donor support is critical to this research.  We love that!

We Love That

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